Melanie Rose Thomas

Theatre Artist | Musician | Writer

Stories are magic and medicine. 
In fairy tales and mythos we find the dream world, the subconscious. In The Enchanted Forest we find elements of ourselves that have been buried deep. We find magic in the dirt and divinity in the trees. We face our shadow-self in witches and daemons. And after the essence of the spirit has been tested with tragedy, we leave the otherworld with a better understanding of our soul. Fairy tales, folk lore and myths give us the opportunity to recognize and nourish our own dualities; we learn to love our beauty and 
our beast.

MELANIE ROSE THOMAS is a Brooklyn-based theater artist, writer, and producer.  She is the Managing Director of Daughters of Elysium, a women driven artist collective and theater company that produces work rooted in ritual and mythology. Her original work includes folk operas, poetry, song cycles, and scores for both theatre and film. Her most notable theatrical piece, The Cave: A Folk Opera, won multiple awards at the 2014 Hollywood Fringe Festival and has also been performed in London and New York. She is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College where she concentrated in music, theatre, fairy tales, and mythology. 

Graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, Idyllwild Arts Academy, Vassar Powerhouse Program, & British American Drama Academy.